Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wells-Thorn Guiding

After waking up at 10:30 in order to somewhat recover from our late night/early morning bedtime, I realized that I had laundry and other house-keeping responsibilities to do before shadowing the guides this afternoon. Today was our first day inside the house for the specific purpose of learning how to guide in it. We were split into three pairs and each pair shadowed the guide in the one of the houses. Andrew and I were in Wells-Thorn. Wells-Thorn is the house that has rooms set up to travel through time. So there is a 1725 kitchen, 1735 parlor, 1775 parlor, 1800 office/parlor, 1815 bedchamber, 1835 bedchamber, and 1850 attic. The guides were so awesome! It was a lot of fun to listen to them give tours, but today was different than it normally would be. Because there is a craft show in Deerfield this weekend (and yes, I'm very excited about walking through it, though I doubt I will buy anything), only the 1825 kitchen and 1835 parlor were open because it's too difficult to give tours of the house when there is so much foot traffic. One of the guides did take us through the entire house, so that was good. I remembered a lot from when we went through as a group, which was good. Now I just have research the samplers and start writing the object paper. That's the plan for tonight, I think. I know it's Saturday, but I need to get this done to feel better and productive...

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  1. The house sounds very neat! I wish I could come get a tour!

    Enjoy the craft show!