Sunday, June 28, 2009

Continuation with this weekend

So, as I said earlier, Saturday was beautiful. Unfortunately, blogspot hates me at the moment, so I can't post any pictures, but I will later. Saturday, two of the girls and I went to the Salvation Army in Greenfield to check it out. I found a dressy red and black skirt for $4. so I figured I could buy and did. That night we all ate out in Northampton. It is a very yuppie town. One of the all womens' college, Smith, is there, so it was a bustling college town. It was nice to be in a crowd (I know, it sounds strange coming from me, but it's true). We ate Morroccan food. I have discovered that I like lamb, but I still don't like spices or chickpeas. It was okay; I'm not raving about it like some of the others were, but to each their own. After eating we went and walked around. There are some really great gift stores. Everything was SO HIPPIE. We also found a great used book store, and all but one of us bought something. I really want to take my sister people-watching to Northampton because I think she would get a kick out of how the other side lives. Very fascinating, indeed. We finally came back to Deerfield and hung out at Wright House (where the girls live). We played Apples to Apples. I totally kicked butt! I don't think I have ever had that good of a night with that game. Clearly I know my fellow fellows very well.

Today I helped Matt fix pancakes for brunch. They were delicious. It was also great to have a filling meal before guiding. I ended up giving two tours; both of them had kids in them. That makes for a very interesting experience. The guide today didn't watch me. I was totally on my own, and honestly, much more comfortable. My first tour went really well. One of the ladies has a master's degree in history and was a lawyer and really liked it. She wanted to know who she needed to tell about how great of a tour I gave. That obviously made me very happy. The last tour of the day was a family with three kids, so the youngest kids directed my tour. Everything they asked about was what I told them and that was about it. It was a good experience, though. I probably should do research for my final paper, but I think I may just go back to the house and relax tonight. I can kick my butt on weeknights to get everything done. I'm not worried. I am also the only person who doesn't have plans for the 4th of July, so I can research then (maybe, I'll have to see if the tutor is going to be around at all....) Otherwise, I don't have any news. I'll be more regular with my blogging this week, I promise.

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  1. Congratulations on giving a successful first solo tour! I can see you leading a tour so perfectly, and must say, from my perspective, it's the perfect Margaret job.

    We should make pancakes next year. I like to cook with people, and pancakes are something I might actually be able to handle. :) We should also play Apples to Apples next year! Have I mentioned before how much I can't wait to have an apartment with you, Jessa, and Kathy, next year?!