Friday, June 12, 2009

The Colton Sampler

After our seminar this morning, we actually got to look at and study our objects! I have three pages of notes about one of the samplers. I mostly took dimensions and examined the materials/colors used, but I'm hoping to find some books about sampler as well as the biographical information about the needle-worker. The first sampler was made by Eliza Colton aged 9. According to my finding guide for the family papers, I have one box with her stuff, and I'll also look at her sister Amanda because the other sampler was done by her. Hopefully I can find some useful information. I am looking forward to finding about the cultural relevance of the sampler. I have seen so many patterns in my numerous stitching magazines, but have never done one or studied them. This should be very exciting.

This afternoon we had a lecture about Deerfield and Connecticut River Valley architecture by the grandson of the founders of Historic Deerfield. He studied architectural history, but knows more about the technical stuff and specialized in preservation. The lecture was interesting for what it was, but I was so tired I nearly fell asleep. I'm really going to have to buy some pop or something for caffeine because unlike most everyone else I don't drink coffee.

I'm at the library now and am getting ready to do research, so sorry this is shorter, but we have a seminar this weekend to attend. The Dublin Seminar is in Deerfield about Riverways, Highways, and Byways. As fellows, we have to attend ALL the lectures. This is going to be a really long weekend; very mentally draining, I think. I may not be able to blog much this weekend because we also have over 80 pages of reading for Monday. I will try to update you all on Sunday, but I can't make any guarantees. Off to do research!

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