Friday, June 26, 2009

Exhaustion from paper-writing

This is going to be a really lame blog-post, but I just wanted to let you all know that I will be talking about my experience at Plimouth Plantation at some point this weekend, but right now I need to relax and take time for myself. Tonight will involve movie watching - lots and lots of movie watching. I also need to upload my pictures and figure out how to organize it, so the Plimouth blog will have to wait until tomorrow. Sorry! But at least my paper is done and turned in. I'm going to make pizza for the group, and then chill. It will be a great night! Look out for a more detailed post later...

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  1. Hello. I got back from the family reunion and San Francisco trip this afternoon. I am going to try to catch up with your blog, but since you are so darn dedicated it might take me a while. (Fear not, you will soon get a lengthy e-mail detailing everything I did in California - tonight or tomorrow, depending on how much energy I have.)
    CONGRATULATIONS ON FINISHING THE PAPER! (I mean, obviously you were going to, but it still deserves congratulations, I think.)
    Pizza for the group, eh? It sounds like you have been doing some good bonding over common interests and food (which I suppose counts as a common interest :). Is that true? Hope all is going well, and I can't wait to read the rest of your posts, and get caught-up on your life. I see there are pictures! Very exciting! And that reminds me, I took some photos, just for you, while in California. You will get them with the e-mail. And since, I will be sending that soon, I'll stop rambling here. :)