Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cocktails, lectures, gardens, and birthdays

Okay, so due to internet difficulties and a full schedule, I am just now blogging. On Thursday, we had a seminar meeting which provoked a really great decision on historic preservation and what is worth saving. It took the entire seminar time, so we didn't get through discussing much of the readings, but I enjoyed the conversation anyway. Thursday afternoon was my last day guiding in Williams House. Thank goodness guiding is over! It isn't because I don't enjoy it, but having every other afternoon completely filled up when there is a research paper hanging over your head isn't fun. It is rather stressing, actually. But at least I have one less thing...

Thursday evening began the annual summer lecture series. This year's theme is music in New England, and the fellows get to rub elbows with the lecturer and Historic Deerfield notables at a cocktail party, fancy dinner at the Deerfield Inn, and attend the lecture. That was interesting. Maybe by the third week I'll be somewhat used to it, but it's strange to experience that kind of society when coming from a Midwestern farm. So this is what the other side's life is like? Interesting. The food was good, and I really enjoyed talking with the speaker, so overall the night was a success.

Friday we had a field trip to Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth, NH. Oh my gosh, I want to work there! We had a tour with the curator of horticulture and landscapes. It was so beautiful! Strawbery Banke is a neighborhood in Portsmouth and the museum site is interpreted from the 17th century to mid-20th century. You see colonial kitchen gardens, Victorian gardens, 1940's victory gardens, as well as several museum houses. We had a delicious meal with the salad from the gardens, and a great talk with three of the employees. I really want to go back.

I have pictures, but I have to get going because it is Jenna's 21st birthday today, so we are taking her out to eat in Northampton, and we are leaving shortly. I will post pictures tomorrow because I know the internet will be available tomorrow. I'm sorry to rush through this post. But tomorrow, my friends, images from the past few field trips and Deerfield...

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